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hotely, reštaurácie, penzióny okres Púchov

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Beluša MOUNTAIN HOTEL Belušské Slatiny for sale - hotel na predaj - znížená cena

Foto Beluša MOUNTAIN HOTEL Belušské Slatiny for sale -  hotel na predaj - znížená cena
ID: 94736 1 000,00m² dohodou dohodou

Reality holding offers for sale MOUNTAIN HOTEL together with a large area under the foot of the Malenica Mountains in Slatinská dolina, near the spa town of Belušské Slatiny in the district Púchov. The entire complex consists of the MAIN BUILDING and ACCOMMODATION PAVILON and the LAND itself with an area of 6,250 m2.
THE RECREATIONAL AREA is located in a beautiful natural and very sunny setting, on a gentle sloping meadow with a romantic view of the surrounding silent nature. Particularly suitable climatic and terrain conditions provide an ideal setting for relaxation and recreation (hiking, mushrooming, etc.). The maintained asphalt road allows for trouble-free access by motor vehicles that can be parked directly in the area, in the parking lot. In the vicinity of the hotel are holiday cottages, hotel facilities, 5 km away is the ski resort Mojtin. The area is 5 km from the motorway. The location of Belušské Slatín has a great potential for tourism development. THE BLESSING OF THE MINERAL WATER SANDS made the establishment of small baths in 1895. Mineral water is beneficial for locomotive organs and skin diseases. In case of interest there is possibility of EXTENSION OF THE AREA by buying adjacent land of about 8.400 m2.
We will be happy to provide the prize and more detailed information for serious candidates personally in the office of our real estate company. LPN: 94736

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